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Snowman Needle Felting Kit

Snowman Needle Felting Kit: The Snowman Needle Felting kit is one of the easiest kits. It is perfect for all ages with fantastic results. Everything you need as well as detailed instructions with high quality photographs of each step. All the kits are designed for beginners, the instructions will teach you everything you need to know even if you have never heard of felting before. No sewing, knitting or crocheting skills are needed to complete this project. The wool included in this kit was grown by designer Teresa Perleberg's own flock of sheep. High quality wool that is perfect for felting detailed, firm, high quality sculptures.

What you will find in your Snowman Needle Felting kit:
  Wire for arms
  High quality Romney wool from Teresa's flock of sheep
  Felting Cushion
  Felting Needles
  Detailed instructions with high quality photos of each step by Teresa Perleberg

The finished snowman measures approximately 6-8 inches tall, depending on how firmly it is felted. It is a great project for all ages, and it makes a wonderful gift for the needle felting enthusiast in your life.

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